Embrace Your Experience to Shine as a Leader & Role Model with Karen Flynn – S03E02

Embrace Your Experience to Shine as a Leader & Role Model with Karen Flynn - S03E02

Welcome to S03E02 of the CoachMe Vancouver Podcast: https://coachme.global/podcast-blog/e… Our guest this week is certified Executive & Business Coach Karen Flynn, ACC. Thank you for tuning in as I welcome Executive & Business Coach Karen Flynn, who is a high impact coach for expat career professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds, entrepreneurs, and startups.

After a successful career in communications for over 20 years in Asia, Karen trained as a coach with CTI in the UK. Following her transition from agency owner to executive coach and her journey from Asia to the UK to Vancouver, Canada, she now works with clients globally to expand their perspectives and to be their confidential sounding board.

Karen’s expertise is with reluctant and unfulfilled leaders who she helps to see how powerful their specializations, experience, and efficiency transforms the workplace and businesses, so they adopt a strong narrative in representing themselves and their ambitions.

She encourages them to take a meta view of their opportunities and to be brave.

Key Takeaway Summary from Season 3, Episode 02:
We will find out why some mature employees feel threatened in the workplace and how Covid has amplified this

We cover some coaching questions to help us unearth what’s really causing fear

And learn tips to embrace our many years of experience and lead us towards brave action

Oh, and we get to hear about Karen’s book ‘Go Beyond Resilience: Find Your Grit” https://coachme.global/read/go-beyond…

Resources mentioned during the podcast:
Book: Go Beyond Resilience: Find Your Grit by Coach K Ted Talk: Forget the Pecking Order at Work by Margaret Heffernan

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Quote: “Businesses wouldn’t be able to run without experienced people… It’s really easy to forget just how much value we bring to the workplace.” CoachMe.

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