Feeling stressed, burnt-out and stuck is overwhelming.

I know what that is like from my own corporate career, as an expatriate living in foreign cultures, a parent, and an entrepreneur.

I can help.

Success takes focus, commitment and resilience.

I am a ‘No BS’ coach and after just one session, clients feel motivated and empowered.

‘Colouring Outside the Lines’ is my philosophy for learning and growth and I use it to transform feelings of fear and doubt to Clarity, Direction and Freedom.

Feeling like you are STRETCHED TO THE LIMIT and there is no passion left for what you do?

You are sick of the repetitive nature of work and everyone wanting something from you.

Stress and feelings of Burnout amplify each day!

Your confidence is gone – constant changes around you create doubts.

When fear takes over, it is easy to forget your talent and your ability to be resilient!

I promise after one session together you will UNLOCK YOUR SPARK and feel resourceful again.

Together, we will redirect your fear and energy into achieving your potential.

Karen is a pragmatic coach. Karen holds the mirror firmly in front of her clients, helping to not only recognize their strengths but also to stand on those strengths, Karen is passionate about helping others and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for personal and professional growth

Itopa Sulé, MSc | Agile Practice Lead at Capital One

Karen is a fantastic coach and mentor. She is uniquely skilled to guide organizations toward success with her informed and tailored approach. As a student organization, we benefited greatly from her ability to find teachable moments and provide actionable advice. Karen is always generous with her time, brings an insightful perspective, and is a great leader to get behind. Working with Karen is a pleasure and I would absolutely do so again!

Kabir Dhillon | Vendor Development at Cymax Group
Book cover Coach K

Inspiration to be your best!

“Coach K takes us on a journey to question how we ‘play it safe’ to keep others around us happy. Her professional training as a coach and her down-to-earth writing style brings forward powerful enquiries and opens up a plethora of new perspectives and self-care tips.”

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