Coach K Mentorship Inc.

Feeling like your decisions are mainly driven by what’s best for others?

Are you pushing your instinct aside to ‘play it safe’?

What if you could explore new perspectives to make more of what you want possible?

How Can I Help you?

Career professionals, business owners, and startups react to external pressures and feel scared when talking about intentions and goals. In the business environment where decisions are mostly led by power and ego, being truthful with loved ones, employers, and even business partners, takes bravery.

Results after working with me

Narratives are too often narrowed to what we think people want to hear and 'the right answers'.

My Expertise

My expertise with reluctant and unfulfilled leaders is to help them see how powerful their specializations, experience, and efficiency transforms the workplace, teams and businesses.

Experienced With Multicultural Clients

My clients are expat career professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds, entrepreneurs and startups from around the world.

From Gen X to Millenials to Gen Z international students, I encourage clients to take a meta view of their opportunities and to be brave in pursuing professional & personal growth.

My Story

Born in Guyana to immigrant parents, I was raised in a West Indian environment; a culture of harsh, no-nonsense parenting, and brutish competition from the playground to classroom.

I recognized my strength as a young woman to look at situations from an impartial viewpoint and my ability to be straightforward and honest. From early jobs to becoming a successful entrepreneur, I have pursued experiences to stretch and grow as an individual.

Now at home in Vancouver, Canada, I advocate living a fulfilling life through my work to impact inclusion for the growing immigrant population arriving in Canada. I provide coaching and mentorship for private clients internationally, entrepreneurs and business students at the University of British Columbia (UBC), and through non-profit organizations in the Vancouver area.

Customer Testimonials

I sincerely recommend Karen to anybody who is thinking about working with a coach. Karen was very attuned to my thought process and needs, supporting me to clarify exactly what these were at the beginning of the process. Karen kept a very good balance of listening and contributing, knowing when to let me voice my inner monologue and when to intervene and challenge or question what I had said. Karen was very attentive and helpful when following up or sending prompt emails.

– Anto Meyer

Book Announcement

Coach K takes us on a journey to question how we ‘play it safe’ to keep others around us happy. Her professional training as a coach and her down-to-earth writing style brings forward powerful enquiries and opens up a plethora of new perspectives and self-care tips.

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