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Results for Clients in 2023


“Because of working with my Coach, I am more equipped to make changes that are important to me.”

Goal Progress

“Working with my Coach is helping me make progress towards my personal or professional goals.”

Impact Development

“Working with my coach has helped me to have greater influence on my team and I align efforts more confidently.”

Overcome Obstacles

“When needed, working with my Coach helps me overcome obstacles toward my development.”

Self Awareness

“Working with my Coach helps me gain insights about myself that I would not have gained without their help.”

I have made an impact to the leadership bench at these organizations:

British Petroleum
American Express

Transform Feelings of Fear and Doubt to Clarity, Direction and Freedom

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I firmly believe that we create our reality – how we manage our thoughts, the way in which we engage with others, and every action that we take or dismiss. Our mindset drives our performance and subconsciously, it impacts our ability to feel satisfaction and pride, or stifled and stressed. 

From my own corporate career, as an expatriate living in foreign cultures, a parent, and an entrepreneur – I witness the full spectrum – people who live with vitality and seek their full potential, and others who live within the confines of what’s comfortable yet complaining about ‘life’.  

I believe it’s in us to adapt to life’s changes.

It’s the smart person and leader who steps forward to ask for help – they know they want to do better. And that’s why I am a tough business coach; it is the best way to unlock your potential.

My Vision for a Transformation in Every Client’s Life is:


To set in motion more inspired, thoughtful and innovative human beings to achieve their best lives sooner rather than later.


For people to learn how to pivot, change and adapt without the pressure of ego.


And for them to master self-awareness, in order to identify and engage their inherent talent and resourcefulness.

Just think – what if you can grow and flourish, and raise your performance to achieve the transformation you dream of. What if you can raise your creativity, resilience, peace of mind, confidence, leadership?

I help you reach your higher potential through tough business coaching.

My coaching betters people’s lives by improving their performance because I see these common problems recurring too often.

Women in their mid-30's discussing their business goals

“My efforts are producing mediocre results; I want better”

“I feel depleted and my good ideas get nowhere”

“I’d like to reinvent how I solve problems”

“I want to make money”

“My life and work seems all “rinse and repeat”

“I kinda have a new vision for myself but too overwhelmed to do anything about it”

“It’s time to regain my courage, resilience, and integrity”

By working through client’s perspectives and limiting behaviours, I create heightened awareness of strengths, deepen their focus and commitment to meaningful, purpose-led goals, and most of all, I speed up their transition to growth and success.

As your coach and personal sounding board, we uncover professional and personal development strategies to adapt your leadership and communication styles.

My Coaching Methodology for Working with Every Client:

Business Coach, Coach K having a conversation with a young woman over zoom.



Audit your skills and experience;
what are all the things that you bring to your role?


Why are you in this role – what do you want to achieve;
what will make you most proud?



What will success look like;
name two things that will change significantly.



How will the team describe you as a manager;
what feedback do you hope to get from your boss?


Team Workshops

Find your grit workshop by Coach K


It’s time to jump over the gap, instead of just filling it.

I cut to the chase and focus on direction, solutions, and brave action. Clients must prepare for honesty and be ready to do the work in order to adapt, change behaviours, innovate, and be inspired to take consistent steps forward.

As an advocate for living our best lives, I bring curiosity and a large appetite for learning and embracing change. My work is to deliver transformative results aligned with ‘Colouring Outside the Lines’ – exploring all the grey areas to create clarity and direction.

My promise is to empower you with the tools for achieving your full potential – to have pride and confidence in yourself. To raise your game and be happy with how you show up.

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