How to Make Brave Decisions with guest Karen Flynn

Making Brave Decisions with guest Karen Flynn

We’ve all been there. Knowing we need to have a conversation about a situation that’s become extremely important to us, but holding back, worried how the other person will react.

We don’t like rocking the dialogue boat but our happiness and wellbeing is at stake. What can we do to better prepare ourselves for that moment of uncomfortable conversation?

In today’s Fast Action Fridays interview guest Karen Flynn, an experienced international coach, shares insight into knowing when we’ve reached that point, along with tips to help us navigate the uncomfortable discussion that’s likely to follow.

Karen says, “Starting over at any age -making a pivot in your career, business, or personal journey, is not impossible. It’s hard, and the freedom and fulfilment gained is worth the uncomfortable learning.”

Be sure to listen to the end to also how to qualify for Karen’s free resource.

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