Go Beyond Resilience -
Find Your Grit

People feel trapped in jobs, in relationships, and in life. They avoid facing the truth about what drives them, and what they want in order to make their lives meaningful.

About The Book

The fear and health issues that arise from long periods of stress can be avoided if we remove the blinders and instead, choose to be brave.

  • As a career professional or business owner in your 40’s or 50’s – deep self reflection could mean a pivot is needed in what you do and how.
  • As a new graduate looking at the rest of your life and how you intend to live – there is great merit in setting bold objectives.

Being brave when you know such decisions will upset your family or business partners may hold you hostage to living within THEIR comfort zones.

I finally got to living a full life in my 40’s; I’d like to see you get there sooner!

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Customer Testimonials

Karen Flynn is my ex boss who turns friend now. I thank her for being an extremely strict boss to me during the junior days of my career. She is Quite temperamental, one moment bursting with laughter and next moment bursting into storm. Beneath the hard shell lives a kind and gentle soul nonetheless..

I was quite surprised when she shared the e-copy of her maiden book with me and I completed reading it within 2 days. Unlike those chicken soup for the soul, Karen bares her soul and writes about her life since childhood till adulthood. How she succeeded at young age and she failed along the way, as well as how she did some soul search and pick herself up again and again. There is no sugar coating and pretentious for this book, it’s like prying into her life journals.

I personally believe it’s take quite a far bit of grit and resilience especially during this challenging time to overcome obstacles and challenges. Kudos to Karen who is willing to share experiences with others women and inspires them to move on. Thanks for this inspirational gift.

– Jennifer Yap