About Me

Born in Guyana to immigrant parents, I was raised in a West Indian environment; a culture of harsh, no-nonsense parenting, and brutish competition from the playground to classroom.

Straightforward and Honest

I recognized my strength as a young woman to look at situations from an impartial viewpoint and my ability to be straightforward and honest. From early jobs to becoming a successful entrepreneur, I have pursued experiences to stretch and grow as an individual.

Now at home in Vancouver, Canada, I advocate living a fulfilling life through my work to impact inclusion for the growing immigrant population arriving in Canada. I provide coaching and mentorship for private clients internationally, entrepreneurs and business students at the University of British Columbia (UBC), and through non-profit organizations in the Vancouver area.

From Agency Owner to Executive Coach

After a successful career in communication for over 20 years in Asia, I trained as a coach with CTI in the UK. Following my transition from agency owner to executive coach and my journey from Asia to the UK to Vancouver, Canada – I now work with clients globally to expand their perspectives and to be their confidential sounding board.

My first book was written to share my experiences – failures and successes, to help others embrace vulnerability and to be bold in making choices, even when it upsets family & friends.

What Keeps me Busy?

I also develop and deliver communication workshops for multicultural immigrants through S.U.C.C.E.S.S. BC.